Our Instructors


MASTER YEISON (Spanish for Jason) De Los Santos began his martial arts journey as a fourteen-year0old in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. When he immigrated to the United States at 21 to build a life, he also sought a place to continue his training.

Being new to the US, his limited budget meant he couldn’t afford to train at the area’s martial arts studios. To pursue his passion and retain his skills, he trained in his back yard

Four years later, Yeison met Morristown Taekwondo Club owner and head instructor Madam Robin Robertson, who invited him to join. He quickly earned the respect of Ma’am Robertson and his training partners.

Realizing the impact taekwondo training had on all aspects of his life, Yeison wanted to pay it forward. With Ma’am’s support, he started the Morristown TaeKwonDo Youth Program, focusing on the character-building aspects of taekwondo: Respect, Honor, and Discipline. What began as a ten-student enrollment continues to thrive with more than one hundred members.

Master Yeison is an 8th degree black belt and a veteran officer with the Morristown Police Department.

MISTER JOHN Fico’s friendship with Master Yeison brought him to Morristown Taekwon-Do in 1998.  Under the Grand Master Robin’s instruction, John rose to the rank of purple (blue) belt.  A series of life events brought inconsistency to his training regimen, but he attended when he could.

To encourage his young son to continue training, John returned to the dojang full-time in 2013. He earned his 1st Dan two years later, assuming assistant instructor duties to share his knowledge and passion with the local community. 

John feels fortunate to leverage his passion for the martial arts to support his passion for helping students of all ages.

Mister John is a 3rd degree black belt.


GREAT GRAND MASTER Robin Robertson founded the Morristown Taekwondo Club in 1989 after years of training under Grand Master Master Kyu-Hyun Cho. The Club grew from a handful of practitioners to an extended family in just a few years.

Robin’s passion for community service drove her to volunteer with the community soup kitchen and Interfaith Hospitality Network, serve as board president and trustee for New Jersey AIDS Services, and celebrate her 60th birthday with a six-mile swim marathon to support a special needs children’s charity.

Great Grand Master Robin is a 10th degree black belt.