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Join the Family

Want to join us, or open to the possibility and need further information?


A few things we want you to know…


We don’t do contracts.

We want you to be here because you want to be here, not because you signed a contract and now you’re stuck.


While we don’t publish our rates, our students (or their parents/guardians) will tell you we’re affordable and worth far more than we charge.

Of course, we are running a business, and while our goal is to be profitable, we’re not teaching for the money. We are paying it forward, honoring our legacy, and sharing our passion for Taekwon-Do.

Want to try a class, first? Great! Pay us a visit.

Depending on your comfort level, you can either observe a class, or participate. If you decide to participate, you’ll only need comfortable clothes and something to drink.


Third, we’ll pay close attention to be sure you’re safe, comfortable, and enjoying yourself. Usually, within a day or two, most people know whether or not Taekwon-Do is for them.

Once you’re sure it’s for you, we’ll talk about tuition. You’ll also benefit from our relationships with suppliers when you purchase your uniform and equipment.


Fourth, know that we are flexible. We don’t want someone not to train because they can’t afford to train. When Master Jason emigrated to the US, he couldn’t afford to train… until he met Great Grand Master Robin.

He honors her legacy with each class and each passing year. He considers Taekwon-Do a gift and he’s sharing it with as many aspiring martial artists as possible.

Don’t let money stop you from training. Call us today. 862-345-7853