For ages 3-6

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Bringing your child to Taekwon-Do during their early developmental years is a wonderful way to provide them with a great base in physical skill as well as a sense of confidence and focus. This is a unique time of discovery for children in terms of getting acquainted with what their bodies can do! Students will learn the basics of kicking and punching, but they will also be taught respect for others and as well as respect for self.

As white, yellow, and green belts, students will focus on learning dojang etiquette, respect for their instructors, as well as the very basics of foundational Taekwon-Do movements, blocking, kicking, and striking, and stances.

Blue, Red, and Pre-Black Belts will put to use what they have learned as lower belts, using their skills to practice momentum kicking and beginner forms.

The Tot's Class promises to be a time for building social skills, respect for others, confidence building, agility training, and Taekwon-Do skills. Students will be challenged to control their bodies and use the physical training for class only with an emphasis on respect.

We look forward to seeing your child in our classes!