Specialty Classes are offered for martial arts students in order to focus on specific aspects of their training.  These classes are generally available for Junior aged students and up.  Some classes that focus on learning to be an instructor are by invitation only.

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Do you want to spar more?  If you would like to sharpen your sparring skills for an upcoming competition or if you simply enjoy the challenge of sparring and would like to have more opportunities to do so, we have special sparring classes for your age/rank level.

Sparring increases your agility and cardiovascular strength.  It also provides a way to learn great control with kicks and strikes.  Learning to spar/fight is an important aspect in martial arts training. While all students will practice drills and some light sparring in their regular classes, Morristown Tae Kwon-Do is proud to offer special classes to enhance your skills as a martial artist. 


Forms are extremely important for the Tae Kwon-Do practitioner.  Because students are expected to know all forms up to their current rank, everyone can benefit from extra practice.  With consistent training you can improve your balance, stances, power, precision, and state of mind.  Going through all of your forms is a great way to warm-up as well as a wonderful moving meditation.

Did you know that each color belt form has a nature element associated with it?  Do you know how to practice as if you are being attacked from all sides?  Do you understand every movement in your forms?  In our special forms class we will help you to answer all of these questions and more!