Master Yeison De Los Santos, Youth director of Morristown Taekwon-Do.

Yeison De Los Santos began his TKD life training at Central School Dojang in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic when he was 14 years old. At 21, Master Yeison left the Dominican Republic for the United States and as he began to build a life here, he searched for a new place to train. As a young man on a shoe string budget he was turned away from most martial arts studios because he couldn't afford their tuition. To keep himself busy and focused on the positive, Master Yeison trained in his back yard, doing what he could to keep his skills fresh. In 1996, four years after his arrival, Yeison met Grand Master Robin, who invited him to join MTKD Club. After a year of training Yeison asked to start a youth program. He felt that his involvement with TKD saved him from a life on the wrong side of the law and he wanted to help children through TKD the same way that it had helped him. In 1998 10 children joined to form the first class of the MTKD Youth Program. Yeison focused the classes on what has become the building blocks of the Youth Program: Respect, Honor, and Discipline. After 18 years the MTKD Youth Program now has more than 100 members and Yeison is now Master Yeison, 7th Degree Black Belt.