Ages 16 and up

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Adults come to Taekwon-Do because they desire the training.  They are not pushed by their parents to attend classes, nor are they driven to class and picked up by someone who will then go home and make them dinner!  Adults train because they want to be there, to not only challenge their bodies, but to sharpen their minds. 

We are extremely proud of the MTKD Adult group and we have a strong sense of community.  Class after class, students show up, greet each other and begin their training.  Beginner adults will increase their agility, flexibility, and sense of balance.  While learning basic blocking, striking, kicking, and stances, they will practice sparring drills as well. 

Advanced students will build upon basic skills while learning advanced techniques.  All practitioners will increasingly practice sparring drills, learning body control.  Everyone who desires will have the opportunity to spar, with gear, to not only challenge themselves physically but to become comfortable with confrontation.  We encourage control, both physical and mental, and maintain a practice of traditional courtesy.

Forms are an essential element in Taekwon-Do training.  These forms are cumulative and students are encouraged to practice daily.  As students learn the forms required for each belt, they will be challenged to understand the deeper meaning attached to them with attention to proper technique.

While adult students will certainly be challenged physically, there is also a strong focus on developing the mind.  We start each class with meditation and work to develop a calm center.


We offer morning and evening classes so you can find what works best for you!